Who is Elo Marc?


I like to call myself a creative person with an edge and no limits. I love design, typography, colors and textures. I'm always on the move trying new things and exploring new horizons. As an artist, the collage world has always been part of my life. When I was a kid, I though school books where very boring and I used to draw on top of the illustrations to make them more interesting. I would also create conversations between characters to make them more live and funny. I’m a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator, a Fashion Designer and a Chef... And in case you wonder, I master all the fields pretty well.

Can you explain your style of art?
My digital collages are an influence of everything I have seen out there: The new and the old, the present and the past, vintage images, textures and lots of bright colors. Most of my work represent me somehow. They are past dreams that I had or just ideas that clicked into my head. I believe colors can bring illustrations to a whole different level of interest and also cause different reactions in different people. I love working with colors and apparently I know to combine them well.

Why Collections?
There are tons of collage artists out there, but I wanted my work and style to be easily recognized by my audience. Creating collections make them look unique and more iconic. It’s like creating a clothing collection. Some stores will have access to some and some other stores want to be more selective and will have access to others.

Who are your clients?
They are from all over the world. Juniqe – Berlin // redbubble // Urbanarts – Brasil // Deny Designs – Canada  // Ikase – Paris // keds // Drawdeck – Dubai //  Society6 // Urban Outfitters // Powis Parker // Displate – UK // May28th – Canada // Art.com //Art World Pod – Australia...

Where were your Exhibitions?
Art all Night  (Curator + Exhibitor) Art Lab Gallery SD, November 2014
Paper Cuts Art For All -- Gallery SF 2013
The Spotlight -- Gallery Miami 2013
Art Infinity NY 2014
Collage Around The World, WSDS Gallery Washington DC 2014

Did you do any Interviews?
ikase Paris // Video Documentary, 2015
DrawDeck // Dubai -- artist of the week, 2015
Folcrum Art Gallery // USA, 2015
Urban Arts // Brazil -- artist of the week, 2015
Juniqe // Berlin -- artist of the week, 2015
Powis Parker // USA, 2015
RedBubble // USA -- artist of the week, 2015
U-skilled magazine // Italy, 2012
Proxart magazine // USA,  2012
Design Cognition// UK,  2012
Notpaper// USA, 2013


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